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Mientras más y más personas en los Estados Unidos invierten en su salud y el bienestar, la industria del bienestar aumentará de forma exponencial. Zurvita, la empresa de mercadeo detrás de la fórmula de bienestar Zeal, se encuentra en una posición ideal para proporcionar las herramientas necesarias para el éxito.

Hoy, más que nunca, los consumidores conocen los últimos productos por medio de otros. Zurvita aprovecha este tipo de publicidad e Internet para ofrecerle a todos un negocio increíble el cual se puede hacer desde su propio hogar, independientemente de sus conocimientos especializados, o su patrimonio neto. La mayoría de la gente comienza a tiempo parcial y poco a poco desarrollan su negocio a tiempo completo si así lo desean.

Sea dueño de la oportunidad

Como consultor de Zurvita, usted es capitán de su propia nave, elige sus propias horas de trabajo, y a través de sus niveles de actividad, elige cómo y cuándo aumentar sus ingresos. Con Zurvita, los dolores de cabeza de la de la propiedad tradicional de empresas son virtualmente eliminados. Esta oportunidad tiene bajos costos de arranque, no requiere ni empleados ni gastos de seguro y los gastos fijos son casi cero.

Con Zurvita, usted puede realizar ganancias de varias maneras: 1) mediante la venta de Zeal, 2) mediante la venta del programa de atención médica de descuento “Zurvita Health Plus” y 3) ayudando a otras personas a iniciar sus propios negocios de venta directa con Zurvita.

No hay trabajo ni oportunidad que se haga sin esfuerzo, pero ser dueño de un negocio de venta directa de Zeal es simple y puede crear riqueza para aquellos que tienen la voluntad y el deseo de crear ganancia residual significativa para si mismos.

Almond Milk - How to make it (Great with Zeal)
Before we embark on a new dietary program, it is useful getting ideas on how to make it easy, convenient, tasty and fun! Almond milk is a great source of protein and tastes great with Zeal and your favorite fruit!

Healthier Eating Habits - Making the transition
Learn how to eat right without struggling. Many of us do not succeed in making a transition to healthier eating because we do not make a gradual transition and we fail to find substitutes. You will find many delicious and nutritious foods and herbs which you never knew, such as Quinoa, Amaranth, (Turmeric, which is found in Zeal), Spelt, to name a few.

You will gain a new outlook in life and experience effortless weight-loss.

Give your child a healthy foundation! Start them young on a healthy diet! 
Education starts at home and children depend on us to teach them basic principles for a fulfilling life. Many moms start their children at an early age on a healthy and variety rich diet, which will last them a lifetime. This is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves and our loved ones.  The knowledge of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle which can address any specific health issues or concerns that might come up.  Proper diet can help alleviate or reverse the affects of many ailments such as Diabetes and obesity.

Genetically Modified Foods
Many foods that find their way to our tables have been genetically engineered and many studies on the harmful affects of these foods are incomplete or non existent. 

Food Inc.
American agriculture has in many respects been the envy of the world. U.S. agri-business consistently produces more food on less land and at cheaper cost than the farmers of any other nation. What could possibly be wrong with that? According to the growing ranks of organic farmers, “slow food” activists and concerned consumers cited in the new documentary Food, Inc., the answer is “plenty.” As recounted in this sweeping, shockingly informative documentary, sick animals, environmental degradation, tainted and unhealthy food and obesity, diabetes and other health issues are only the more obvious problems with a highly mechanized and centralized system that touts efficiency — and the low costs and high profits that result from it — as the supreme value in food production.

Zeal Nutritional Details

The makers of Zeal adhere to guidelines provided by the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), which ensures dietary supplements are safe before they are marketed and product label information is truthful and not misleading.

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